Circumcision: Changing the Conversation

“Filmed at the “Healthy Mothers & Healthy Babies Conference” (March 12/16 ) Kira Antinuk RN and Dr. Christopher Guest presented “”A Historical and Medical Critique of Circumcision / Intact Babies: Avoiding Clinical Errors.”” 

The format of this presentation was unusual, Kira played a pregnant woman visiting her doctor (Christopher) who answered questions about normal genital anatomy, and explained what circumcision was.

The session was well attended by 80+ interested people.

A delayed start to the event resulted in an abbreviated ending, not giving enough time for their final points about human rights, but there was time for several questions, during which John Geisheker of ‘Doctors Opposing Circumcision’ was able to explain how many boys are damaged annually in the US by forced premature retraction.

From my vantage point, on a platform at the back of the hall filming the stage, I was able to see the audience (mostly women) were paying rapt attention and responded warmly with applause.

~James Loewen


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