Feminist and Medical Critiques of Circumcision at SFU Advocacy for Men & Boys

This event took place on Wednesday, March 9th at 6:30 PM PST at the SFU Harbour Centre, Hastings St, Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Last night a fully engaged and enthusiastic audience (full house) greeted feminist nurse Kira Antinuk and Dr. Christopher Guest for their presentations hosted by Simon Fraser University’s Advocacy for Men & Boys.

I was very pleased to be able to record this event and look forward to posting the videos soon so all can see these amazing lectures!” ~ James Loewen


*Free Admission*

Join SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys for a two-part lecture + Q&A presented by two medical experts on male infant circumcision, a highly controversial topic in North America. For the first part of the lecture, Dr. Christopher Guest will present a medical critique on the practice. Some points that he will discuss are the historical origins, worldwide trends in circumcision, and an examination of the medical claims in support of circumcision. For the second part, Feminist nurse Kira Antinuk will be giving a feminist critique and her perspective on circumcision as well as her 13-year long involvement in the movement to promote equal genital autonomy for all children.

“A Feminist Nursing Critique of Circumcision”
SPEAKER: Kira Antinuk, RN, BScN
Historically, there have been few feminists who have advocated for the genital integrity rights of all children, yet a growing and diverse movement of people is challenging the frameworks in which we consider genital cutting in our society.

“A Historical and Medical Critique of Circumcision”
SPEAKER: Dr. Christopher Guest, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.
Male circumcision is a complex issue. Are health care providers providing current, evidence-based information which takes into account their professional ethical responsibilities?

Event made possible by the Children’s Health & Human Rights Partnership – http://chhrp.org/

Hosted by SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys – http://www.sfuamb.com/

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